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Activate your licence

DyaPress e-Commerce is almost unlimited but you may want to activate your DyaPress Premium licence of DyaPress e-Commerce for the following benefits :

  1. Only an activated DyaPress e-Commerce can import or add already paid orders, trying to import paid orders will cause an error if the licence is not activated ;
  2. You want to remove the application fee on payment made using Stripe (for example, an order in euro will have a fee of 0.9% of total amount of the order added to a fixed fee of 0.09 €) ;
  3. You need to improve the API rate limit if your website have a lot of traffic (up to 200 request at once using a leacky bucket rate limitation algorithm like used in Shopify REST API)

If you want to activate your DyaPress e-Commerce installation, you need to buy DyaPress Tokens at price between 0.25 € and 1 € each according to the number (taxes excluded). To proceed, click on the link indicated just under the DyaPress Premium API UUID since it contains an authentication parameter to automatically add your installation in your account if you create one at https://dyapress.com/account/ :

Once you have tokens in your account, you can apply as many tokens as you need on the DyaPress e-Commerce installation you want, for example since DyaPress e-Commerce is used to sell tokens for DyaPress Premium, I have the following in my own account :

You need to click on the checkbox to display all the update option as seen below :

Now you can select the level of your installation (the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 10) and the number of tokens you want to apply, activating a licence for 24 hours need as many tokens as the level, so to activate your installation at level 1 for one year, you need 365 tokens, but 3650 tokens at level 10 for one year.

The minimum number of tokens to use is 30, but you can keep 0 if you only want to change the level of your DyaPress e-Commerce installation.

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