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Getting started

DyaPress Premium is a microservice that connect a supported ERP (currently only DyaPress or Dolibarr) to a website or app (currently only a WordPress website using DyaPress e-Commerce plugin).

Integrating DyaPress Premium into your website requires the following steps :

  1. Install and configure a supported ERP (DyaPress or Dolibarr) with REST API module activated and configured in order to get a valid DOLAPIKEY ;
  2. If you want to use Dolibarr, you need to register it in section Registration of https://dyapress.com/account/ so that an unique UUID will be associated to your installation, if you use DyaPress, this registration is automatically made and an UUID is available in Settings > DyaPress ;
  3. Install and configure DyaPress e-Commerce, you need the UUID of DyaPress (or Dolibarr once registered) and DOLAPIKEY for at least TEST mode and LIVE mode as well to go in production.

Only once the connexion to your ERP is active from DyaPress e-Commerce you can start using it.

DyaPress Premium can be integrated with Stripe, using Stripe Connect from DyaPress e-Commerce directly. For Stripe to work nicely you need furthermore after connecting your Stripe account to configure :

  • The payment type associated to Stripe in the ERP, generally it is Credit Card or similar ;
  • The payment bank account you configured in Stripe must match the bank account in the ERP, so that payment you receive from Stripe will be automatically updated in the ERP.

DyaPress Premium TEST mode is tight to Stripe TEST mode, and LIVE mode is tight as well to Stripe LIVE mode.

Purchase from your website are disabled for non-administrator user in TEST mode, so you need to configure LIVE mode to go in production.


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