DyaPress Premium is a microservice that allow a connection between an application (like a website) and a CRM/ERP software. The following open-source CRM/ERP software are currently supported :

  • DyaPress plugin for WordPress ;
  • Dolibarr(tm) software.

Open-source plugins for WordPress


DyaPress is a plugin which offer CRM/ERP functionnalities from the admin area of WordPress. This plugin is the port to Wordress of the existing CRM/ERP software Dolibarr(tm). It is like having Dolibarr(tm) inside WordPress admin.

This software has been designed to offer easier installation and easier upgrade from WordPress admin page. You only need to click to “Install” or “Upgrade” like any other WordPress plugin. Furthermore, DyaPress automatically register itself to DyaPress Premium, so it is not necessary to register your DyaPress installation like Dolibarr.

Download DyaPress

DyaPress e-Commerce

DyaPress e-Commerce is a e-Commerce solution for WordPress in order to digitialize a company and/or to sell services or products online. This plugin interacts directly with DyaPress Premium microservice and provides functionnalities like :

  • Your website will have a “My account” page for its users.
  • Your customers can login to your website and consult theirs proposals or invoices (generated from your ERP) if these options are enabled ;
  • You can sell services or products on your website, so orders and invoices of your customers will be generated automatically in your ERP as well ;
  • You can create your own account sections in relation with your activities like managing software license…

Download DyaPress e-Commerce

DyaPress Premium microservice

You can use directly DyaPress Premium microservice API, the documentation will be available here in few days. This software has been written in Golang for maximum performance, for example fetching 50 orders from DyaPress Premium with ordered lines details in JSON can take around 1ms on the server and around 10ms to 20ms typically for a website in France, including TLS negociation over HTTP/1.1 transport.